Expert Prunning for your yard or Garden

Immaculate Plant Care specializes in all forms of pruning styles, and techniques, from technical rigging and limbing 100’ in the air with a chainsaw, to ground level topiary, espalier, and ornamental fine pruning. This is our specialty!

Immaculate Plant Care, protecting clients assets from dangerous trees 



Leave it to the professionals to remove those dangerous trees from your property. When it comes to safety Immaculate Plant Care makes all the preventable measures to ensure the job is done right! Successful tree removal includes:


  • Assessing the safest way to remove the tree and decide which types of equipment will be needed, if we’ll need to use pulleys and ropes, and if a crane is needed..
  • We keep up to date with today's safety practices to keep ourselves refreshed on established methods of safety.
  • We always recycle plant matter from our job sites. Depending on how bad the root rot is or if a portion of the tree can be salvaged, we recycle as much of the removed tree as possible.



How do I Know When Greenery Becomes a Safety Hazard?

 Trying to answer this question can be daunting for most homeowners. Let Immaculate Plant Care’s free tree assessment help you to determine the approach for your needs. Tree removal service is an effective solution for a variety of situations. A few, but not all, things to consider include:

  • Disease – at times a diseased tree can be pruned, but if the disease is too far spread, the entire tree will need to be removed. We can help you make that determination.
  • Shape – What if the tree is leaning too heavily to one side or has partially fallen already? This could put you in a dangerous situation.. If it is leaning too heavily to one side, it could become heavier and topple over.
  • Examples like this can help you determine whether to have it removed.
  • Location – Removing a tree due to location is something we regularly do. Sometimes trees grow faster than we realize and soon enough the plant is now in a dangerous place underneath a power line or is too close to the house.

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